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Meeting your mineral needs

When it comes to the minerals like mica, china clay, calcite, feldspar, quartz etc. then Vasundhra Grinding & processing mills is undoubtedly the leading source available in India. We have been in the business of supplying the best quality products to more than 250 companies including all the major welding electrodes companies and have been in the business for the last 40 years.

We friendly stand for the quality of our product because we strongly believe that the quality of the product later reflect the quality of the business, maintain supplier client relationship at help to take the business to new heights due to the satisfaction of our clients from our products, we have been making healthy growth in the business every year on the basics. The firm got ISO certification 9001: 2000 in year 2000 from all these massive efforts, and then it got ISO certification 9001: 2008.

Our Story


The firm name shrinath minerals came into existence which was involved in the job work.


The industry grew under a brand name VASUNDHRA GRINDING & PROCESSING MILLS as a own manufacturing and marketing unit.


The company was expanded by exploring a new unit DhartiDhan Minerals.


Another unit Vasundhra Grinding & Processing Industries came into existence.


The firm got an ISO certification 9001:2000The firm got an ISO certification 9001:2008


Acquired a land for new unit


Our export started

Our Management

Since the company being a partnership firm, only the family members (managing partners) involve in the top management decisions. The financial and marketing decisions are solely taken by the managing partners. But the operational decisions are encouraged to be taken by the experienced supervisors so as to improve the production facilities and the product quality. Thus we follow the Top down approach and Bottom-up management approach.


Strategic level

Here comes the founders of the firm, all the major decisions are taken by them on the basis of there experience and knowledge. The firm is into the business from last many years and its running very successfully because of the insight they have developed in the business. They have the great management skill and with the help of the marketing and production managers they effectively meet the requirement of the customers.


Tactical level

The company has a team of professional and managerial staff which work in different areas of production, marketing, quality management, cost and accounting. They keep in constant touch with the customers, take orders, try to meet the specification of the customers, make delivery on time. The finance persons are engaged in daily finance activity, maintaining books of account, find ways to reduce the cost. The staff timely updates the managing director with the progress of working which help the directors to take strategic decisions. The supervisors keep the track with operational workers and give them proper directions. Whenever there is any problem in production they immediately take proper action.


Operational level

The company has a team of skilled labor who are involved in the grinding and processing activity. Different activity of production has its own workforce who is skilled in their work because of the continuous effort they put in their work and developed the ways which help in reducing the cost and helps in minimum wastage.